Thursday, January 15, 2009

Urban development

Their tax dollars at work! I couldn’t help being struck by the sight of two fellows with pick axes removing this block of sidewalk. After watching millions of dollars of machines having at it in downtown Hood River last spring, the contrast was stark. There are quite fancy seeming colored tiles on most of the sidewalks around here, and it appears this section is now catching up. Arthur, I wonder if they have tax increment financing for this work?
And this (photo) is a building project on our corner. Note the placement of bridges for the pedestrians to traverse the gravel piles.


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Kay said...

They did the sidewalk work by hand in Portugal too! And replaced old, funky, uneven squares with new, funky, uneven squares. All very uncomfortable to walk on. Bizarre.

Tell Kristin she better write soon or we're going to start wondering what she's up to . . . :)

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