Thursday, January 22, 2009


Took the girls to see some real poverty yesterday in an outlying village. I’m taking some photos of students for the Tandana Foundation, and some of these kids live in dirt floor homes well off any road. Walk down the mud road and take a left at the bush type stuff (see photos). I’m thrilled for the girls to see it. We started at the village store (photo) and walked around the hillside to visit half a dozen families to gather photos for publicity for the Foundation.

We brought to Ecuador generous contributions from our dentist Bruce Burton and our pharmacist friend Nicole Schrankel. I think we will be able to make great use of these donations in this and close by communities. Thanks, you guys, for helping!

I solicited some comments from the girls:

Ro: “I think it was interesting to see how poor the people were compared to how rich we are. Because they just had like one-story houses made out of rusty cement. I couldn’t really imagine walking up a muddy hill instead of walking on a sidewalk to get to school. They don’t have really any sidewalks there.”

Al : “It was pretty cool, I kind of liked how lush it was. I was glad the Tandana Foundation could help them go to school so that they could do what they want to in their lives. It was very muddy, and I liked all the little doggies; they were very well behaved for strays.”


John B. said...

When I visited Nepal, my measures of poverty/wealth were
1. shoes
2. cigarettes
And people seemed to use/need cigs before shoes.

Thanks for the continuing interesting information.


Brother David said...

I recognize that little kid holding the puppy from your earlier trip to the mountaintop!

Tove said...

hi althea and rosie and paul and kristen! cool pics! have fun! it looks really sunny and nice there! its snowing here.


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