Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I always remember the quip that marijuana is the 4th most popular psychoactive drug in the US, a distant follower to nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Down here we’ve invented a new drink, crossing Mexican and Brazilian cultures. As a lad, I was introduced in a big way to the traditional Brazilian cocktail – caiparinha – made with cachaca (sugar cane liquor, essentially rum), limes and sugar. Ask my mom about that tale. Well KD sprang for a bottle of off-brand tequila but there aren’t triple sec or sweetened lime juice. So she’s taken to a nightly nip of tequila, limes and sugar. We alternate between calling it a margarinha and a caiparita.

And I saw my first coca leaf. My understanding, then and now, is that the histrionic freaking out about cocaine has led to a total rejection of any form of this plant. Chewing or steeping the leaves is reputed to give a smooth, pleasant buzz like caffeine only less harsh. Here it is available, though not everywhere, as a tea. There are bags for sale in a few stores. Assure the FBI I didn’t buy some yesterday and didn’t steep any up. Fun! P


Bev said...

Let's get that recipe to Rob and Dave.

Chuck W said...

Paul - wonder if you can "decafe" it by tossing the water after 60 seconds. This might satisfy the Feds - kind of like "I didn't inhale."

Ever read any Patrick O'Brian? The good Doctor is forever wadding up a bolus of the "peruvian leaves" whenever the occasion calls for it. Or not.

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