Friday, January 16, 2009


School here is a lot different than at home because I can't go to school everyday and know what I'm supposed to be doing. Going to school here is not going to school because I'm not going to school to learn I'm going to school to learn Spanish. But I am really ecxited because we're starting to move into the apartment that we rented!!!!


Brother David said...

You go, Ro! You are so right that it isn't like at home. Just different. Can't wait to see pictures and hear descriptions of your new home!

John B. said...

Good luck in your new digs.

John and Cindy

Debi' said...

I am sitting here reading about your great adventures feeling amazed at how well you seem to be doing. 4 am in the ED and I have found time to sit and read your wonderful blog. I am really enjoying the photos. I remember going to language school in Guatemala with Dani (9) and the fun we had not to mention a few of the challenges. My hats off to you all. It is 26 degrees outside right now hoping you are seeing slightly warmer temps.. Deb and Wilhelm working the night shift. Fun as usual. ; }

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