Friday, January 9, 2009


A bit of follow up to previous post on this topic. I took my camera with me today (last time I was cooling down from a session on the track; I am willing to risk my sweatshirt and hat on the bench at the stadium, but not the camera) and got some shots. No crabs today, disappointing, but I saw the pear woman. (When she asked me how much I wanted to buy, I explained that I only wanted a picture. And gave her a dollar. My friend Sue helped me understand this aspect of it. I'm here for the interest and chatting and learning. She's here to make money for her supper. So paying for the chatting feels like a good balance.) So, anyway, she wanted to put out more pears for me to photograph (photo) and... out came this box! I know Fred Duckwall a bit from working with Port Commission and was pretty darn psyched to see his logo on the street down here.

And then I saw some of those snails I mentioned the other day (photo). Boiling in pot on the back of the stove, ready for sale in single serving sizes in the front. Yum!


Kathleen said...

I am enjoying the blog and living vicariously through your experiences. Are the local people asking questions of all of you? How cool to see a Hood River label so far away.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul and family - I saw the article in the HR News about your leaving on your trip and took down your blog address, thought it would be fun to watch your trip. I remember meeting your wife and kids at the Sullenger July 4th party this last summer and you mentioning this trip. It sounds like things are going well and the adjustments are coming along. It made me smile to see the Duckwall box sitting on top of the pile of fruit - what are the odds! Enjoy and keep writing, it is great reading about your adventure.

Heidi - Hood River County

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