Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food reprise

I had heard of the goat man who walks around selling milk from the udder. I encountered him today (photo) and braved the $0.50 small cup of milk; I was fully prepared for it to taste like chevre, but it was mild as cow. Lovely. Then, on my bike ride, I encountered this awesome scene (photo). The funniest thing is that the words for skin and hair are very similar in Spanish – piel and pelo. Just a block before I had passed a place that would cut my hair (corte de pelo). Then a block later, a 3D corte de piel ! One of the valuable parts of Mr. Pig is the skin; they grill it like we would a thin steak or chicken breast.



Kay said...

But chevre is so tasty! And goat's milk too apparently - my grandmother had a goat that she milked every day for my mom since she wouldn't drink cow's milk.

Al said...

Hey folks - trying to catch your blog at least each week. We raised goats for a few years and became very fond of them and their milk. Glad to hear you agree. A great book - "Goatpacking" reports you can live indefinitely on goats milk as they pass nutrients to the milk. Not sure what the chemists say, but goats have been going for along trip with us humans.

Also - the pig skin fried- a very popular Southern US junk food - "pork rinds." My grandfather (who was a Southerner by birth) also love "cracklins" which are the crunchy leftovers after rendering lard. We raised pigs and I made some cracklins to celebrate him. I didn't see the charm, but could see why they were made...utility and on hand.

So good to hear you are bringing "you" on your trip - exercise, insights, politics, school.

Looking at your pictures (especially the little girls and the washer) are so sobering as we deliberate about buyng a new fancy clothes washer (ours died...). Your perspectives must really be shifting...

Keep the blog posts - love to hear everyone's insights. Love - Al

Bev said...

Pig skins and goat milk. It'll be on the menu at Seabeck in no time. Though I'm thinking the whole snail gut thing is ahead of its time.

The Eliot Board retreat is this weekend. We'll miss you! I'll be sure to give everyone the link to your blog, and let them know that you want comments!

All 4 of you are such intrepid adventurers, but I'm especially inspired by Rosie and Althea!

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