Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Job Offer

Well, I win the prize awarded to first family member to turn down a job. Teaching English at the girls’ school. One of the three teachers quit over the weekend, after getting called in front of a group of parents of Rosie’s classmates at a parent meeting. I actually thought the parent’s concerns were relevant, but probably a bit in-your-face for the poor woman. Especially here, in the land of indirect communication.

I managed to bow out of the principals’ request, and they were quite reasonable about it. Have a couple other candidates already interviewed. I think they just didn’t want to pass up a native-speaker if that was possible. I did agree to fill in for two days and meet with the English teachers some. Its fun to help with some pronunciation and fluency where needed, I’m just trying my best to stay free of really substantial commitments, like 30 hours a week of teaching! - KD

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