Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moved !!

into our apartment (photo)! 2nd floor of 3, grandma on the top floor, another family on the first floor. It’s about 10 blocks from our hotel, settling into cooking, more space, buying beds, mattresses, mugs, pots, fridge. A kind benefactor has loaned us a stove, desks, bed, mattresses, pots, plates, many things. Sent her $7 of roses. We entertained our first visitors yesterday.

I had to chuckle when the clouds cleared and I could see the summits of both Cotacacchi and Imbabura volcanoes from the bedroom. As the realtors in Hood River say, “Double mountain view!”

We will spend more on buying furnishings than we will on rent, pretty upsidedown situation, but we can make lots of gifts in June.

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Kay said...

That's great your rent is cheap and you have some loaned furnishings! And you're doing foundation work too. You are definitely taking this in such a great direction. The cultural education for your family, and for those of us reading along from our usual spaces, is wonderful. Thanks much.

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