Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pig !

KD scored another soccer tourney, and the team (including the only 3 white folks in the tournament) came in second. Second prize was a pig. See photos of the night awards ceremony, as well as dancing at the pig roast the next weekend. I got to watch the slaughter Sunday am for the noon roast (no aged meat here!), and even hold the flame thrower (if you burn off the fur, you can eat the skin). And our friends dressed KD in the indigenous garb, including the cool hair wrap. P


Chuck W said...

Paul-- we have a job opening for you at Sunrise Farm in late October. We've been skinning the puercitos up 'till now but want to try scalding. Plane tickets enclosed.

Kay said...

Well the practical side of me says a pig is much more useful than a trophy and the vegetarian side says "oh!" I'm going with the beautiful hair wrap. ;)

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