Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music program

Both girls have experienced an uptick in their music education this season. The teacher is a wonderful fellow and has gotten Rosie going on recorder (flauta) and Al on guitar. At the recent performance, Al scored a last-minute cameo as backup singer on an English song (You’re Beautiful), plus she was the only student who figured out the chords (rather than just individual notes) to “Titanic” (think Leonardo and Kate, not Pete Seeger). And some students played a piano powered by blowing into a tube while playing. Do we have these in the US? They’re called pianitos here.

And Ro dazzled on the recorder and voice. Notice the gringo parents missed the memo on the Mariachi costume rental, but the rendition of “Cielito lindo” (the “aye-yai-yai-yai” song) was awesome. All very proud and pleased. And a lovely program overall. Nice job, Lucho.

And there has been some great spillover action on ukulele and guitar. Many hours sitting around the apartment learning songs on the instruments. Roll On Columbia, All God’s Critters, Circle Game, Cut the Cake (The Birthday Song), super fun. See priceless photo of Ro arriving in her new Andean hat with her uke in the gig bag. P

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Kay said...

Love that Rosie sunshine smile at the end. And the musical attire. Inspiring music teachers are invaluable. On a related note, one of your Hood River teachers, Michael Becker, spoke at an enviro ed conference in Portland that I attended this weekend. Wow. Hope his classes and school garden are as inspiring as his presentation. And at that same conf I ate lunch with Nick Walrod, Hood River farmer and OCF Gray Fund board member whose family are patients of Kristen. Just a little taste o' home. :)

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