Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The (other) beautiful game

In one of the great "intercambio" crosscultural moments of our time here, I recently had a chance to introduce two high schoolers to ping pong. These fellows are both on high school scholarships (free education here mostly ends at 7th grade) and they accompanied some visiting donors on the afternoon excursion. We had returned the visiting gringos to their luxury hotel after I tourguided them to an instrumentmaker's workshop and a local museum and waterfall. We had some time before dinner, so I taught these soccer jocks some hand-eye coordination. First time for either of them. I'm not sure that after the 90 minute practice session I could have beaten them.

Lovely. P


Al said...

Spring weather here in the Gorge! We sure miss the bike riding without you guys! Your trip seems to be going well. We look forward to your return!!

Kay said...

Oh! Free ed ends at 7th grade. Another new fact learned. Thank you. Really.

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