Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Country

Just arrived in Lima after a long day on the road - taxi to Quito, fly to Guayaquil, hang out at the mall (where we picked up Lonely Planet Peru and a few select English titles for las chicas), fly to Lima. We´re in at a cozy youth hostel, heading further south to Arequipa tomorrow. Photos of the pile o´ baggage soon. All well, 5 weeks on the road. P


Lauren Armstrong said...

Hi guys! We miss you in Otavalo already. Hope your travels have been smooth so far, and good luck spotting some condors in Colca.

The VanCott's said...

Hi Travelers! Hope your well, looks amazing but pretty dry down there in Peru, rest assured the rain is still falling here in HR.

My big question for the day is: Who is the mayor of Otovalo? Es cambio realidad?

ame a su amigo el rezagado, David

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