Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was downtown visiting the mayor and noticed a fellow eating breakfast in the park next to his well laden bike. I asked about his trip (boat from Europe to Colombia via Martinique, down the Panamerican) and then invited him to stay with us for a bit. Jarek (Poland) introduced us to Andy (Scotland) and we had a biker party going. Andy had, incredibly, a mandolin stashed in his saddle bags, so we had some fun music – and dancing - as well (see photo of lots of strings in the apartment – Althea’s guitar, Ro’s uke, Andy’s mando, my banjo and charango. 31 strings!) Lovely fellows, great adventures, fun to play host sometimes. Happy trails, boys. P


Kay said...

Yet more new facts for me today - "charango" = a small South American stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long, traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo. It typically has 10 strings in five courses of 2 strings each, although other variations exist. Cool! Although Ro's red uke gives it some serious competition.

schmidt.dave said...

So nice that you were able to scoop up some bikers and provide some hospitality and share some music. It was a serindipitous experience for both of you, I am sure. I just love those kind of events when traveling.

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