Thursday, May 21, 2009


Oh dear, our longest absence from the blog, I think. All fine, just very mobile and somewhat remote. Not much Wifi in our lives.

Returned from Machu to Cusco, left Peru, arrived The Islands early last week. 5 days on a luxury boat racing to keep up with downloading all the pictures. Stunning, spectacular wildlife, just what I'd pondered it might be. Wow, what a place! A crucible and a cathedral at once; more on that someday soon. Hundreds of pictures from lots of different islands and bays. Rosie saw her first sea turtle yesterday, Al (and K and I) our first shark. Iguanas, cormorant, flamingo, penguin, boobie, rays, friggin' remarkable.

On San Cristobal island, back to Santa Cruz in the morning. Back to Otavalo May 30.

Hugs. P


Kay said...

Sounds wonderful! Being away from technology for awhile is a good thing. :)

Uncle Brat said...

The "Philly Phanatic", the Philadelphia Phillies mascot is alleged to have ancestors in the Galapagos. So if you happen upon any large furry green creatures with long snouts, send regards and love from Philadelphia kin... love... Uncle Brat

GSadult said...

Althea's letter arrived at HRMS this week that she sent from the special sailer's mailbox in the Galapagos! A woman who lives in Washington delivered it after she returned from vacation. Mr. Sprague shared it with his classes and everyone is quite impressed.

David said...

It's the coastline equivalent of going on safari in East Africa. Looking forward to pictures, stories, and insights. :)

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