Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wildlife on land and wing

The condor is a big deal down here, figuring in folklore and religion. In Colca Canyon, we saw tons, up close. Even with our point and shoot, we caught a little action. On the way over, we passed through vicuña country; they’re a cousin of the alpaca and llama – and mighty cute. And this spectacular shepherd ambled over the hill at like 12,000 feet tending the flock. With baby. Amazing.


Kay said...

Shepherd with baby and flock at 12,000 feet. Amazing! Here with teenager taking AP exams but blowing off regular school work. Repeatedly. Sometimes tending a flock of vicuña looks appealing. ;)

Al said...

Really enjoying your blog and posts. Life goes on here as weather gets nice! We miss you and welcome your return...Bartons

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