Sunday, May 3, 2009


And then we headed (in a bit of first class bus luxury – photo) from Arequipa to Puno and Lake Titicaca. The highest big lake in the world, at 12,500 it’s a breathtaker on all levels. Much too much to show here, but see some funs shots of our host mom where we overnighted on one of the islands (with the girls’ hats her mom handknit), the mind-bending floating islands where folks have lived on reed rafts for hundreds of years, awesome. And onshore, we ended up staying in the storeroom of a friendly restaurant. See some fun shots of cultural intercambio (ukulele and juggling lessons, recording the kids singing and playing it back for them on the iPod, renting the neighborhood foozball table, lovely.

Back now to civilization – hot bath, internet, TV, coffee, soft beds, central heating. All well. P


Chuck W said...

Wow! We're following your travelogue closely. Looks enchanting. Keep the info coming...

Chuck and Sue

Brother David said...

Wow, wow and wow. So many places in so many days. Thinking of you in the damp Northeast. Lilacs and azaleas are blooming here at 200 feet above sea level.

Geoffrey Hyatt said...

Oh one of my favorite places - so many memories. keep posting your pics for all of us to have some vicarious fun.

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