Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kristen's last day!

I completed my last day in clinic yesterday. It was more of a whimper than a bang, what with the snow storm and all. The staff sent me off with an autographed shoulder bag full of goodies: including calendar, water bottle, and just the book I'd been trying to get hold of, "Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. I'd asked Book Stop to order it in for me, and when Erin showed up there looking for a book for "Dr. Dillon who's going on sabbatical" the owner sent her off with just the one she knew I wanted! Small towns are great. Here's the soundbite that's going out to local medical folks:

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to fill you in on my plans for the next 6 months. I very much appreciate the support of Steve Becker, Tony Gay, Beth Foster, and our practice administrator, Francie Karr, in helping me arrange to take a sabbatical leave from January through June, 2009. During my absence, Angie Reynolds, MD, a family physician who also has Obstetrics fellowship training, has agreed to work with us at CGFM and at the hospital. I know you will welcome her warmly, and I hope she enjoys her work here as much as I do!

My family and I are going to live in Ecuador for 6 months. Our children will attend school there, likely in the community of Otavalo about 100 miles north of Quito, and Paul will be working in a community development project. Once we get settled, I anticipate working with local projects to provide health care in the surrounding villages. I'll also get the opportunity to walk my daughters to school each day, cook dinner (if I still remember how) and do some reading that doesn't have CME credits attached!

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Tina Castañares said...

Paul, Kristen, Althea and Rosalie,

Wishing you a safe and fulfilling and fascinating and beautiful trip and life in Ecuador. You'll be missed here. Keep blogging! Feliz año nuevo.
Tina Castañares

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