Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Althea Says:
Hi People. We're about to leave, and my dad says we should write about what we feel. My sister can't because she has a "raging fever". I hope she gets better before we get to Quito, because there is an altitude of 9,000 ft there, and that might make her more sick. I'm really excited, but scared at the same time, because I don't know much about Ecuador or the place we'll be living. As soon as we get settled, we'll post pictures. I'm excited to see the warm weather and i heard the people are really nice there, and I can't wait to meet friends. I'm interested in the school we'll be going to, and I don't know how much like the middle school here it will be. I'll tell you about my first day of school once I start. Stay Tuned. :-)


Brother David said...

Nice post, Althea! We're all thinking of you up north. Big moves are tough to make. But the rewards are commensurate with the toughness!

Papa said...

It's now almost midnight on New Year's day in California. You should have arrived by now, safe and sound, I hope! Hopefully Rosie is over the African crud without passing it on!

naomi said...

hey althea its naomi i hope ur doing good down there i hope u have fun keep us posted bye

naomi said...

hey althea how are u doing there i hope you like it send me emails my new email

naomi said...

hey althea i got a new email my new address is - check it bye

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