Sunday, February 8, 2009

El banjo y el tio

Fun day at Panecillo school. I´m shepherding through a visa application for a Tandana volunteer and needed some signed letters from the director of the school. Last time up there, some students had invited me to come sit in on English class, so I did. Our new friend Kent (we´ve dubbed him Tio (uncle) Kento) and I bussed up, did our work (see photo,¨"This Land is Your Land" was a hit), and then walked down to the bus stop. While waiting, a passing pickup took us on (photo) and refused our payment offer. Fun.

Another day el Tio and I biked out to the medical clinic where Kent´s project is centered. When there´s a friend to ride with, there can be pictures of me on the blog! Also very fun.

And Kent turned 25 on Thursday, so we feted him at breakfast (with a rousing "Happy Birthday" and a candle in a stale roll) and at a fancy dinner (photo). Very fun for all, including the girls having a 4th person to speak English to.


Kay said...

Visitors are, indeed, fun, especially for those feeling a bit of language isolation. I definitely had a bit of that. Can you believe a month has passed already? It's flying by!

Kathleen said...


I love the photo of you in the middle of the schoolkids.:-) Thanks to you , Kristen and the girls for sharing your experiences. Your blog is so interesting.


David said...

Not sure where this comment should go - just a short thought that came to me the other day when Maddie and I stopped at the big pet store and were looking at fish, birds, mammals. About 75% of the fish on display (and there were easily 100 tanks of fish) were from 'South America' (gee thanks for the precision) or 'South America - Amazon'. Now, those are obviously massively over-generalized descriptions. But I'm wondering if such exotic fish are commonplace down there. Is it the kind of thing where the minnow-equivalent in some of the bodies of water that you've come across is as exotic as the things we saw at the pet store? Or are minnows just minnows all over the world and you really have to hunt for those fancy, colorful guys?

Oh, they were also selling guinea pigs at the pet store. Yum.

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