Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from the jungle

Mostly just a smoke signal that we´re not in a ditch somewhere. Just out of the Amazon where we spent a week in a gritty, skanky town (Tena), then two great days in a remote jungle lodge where we visited some locals, swam and tubed in a main Amazon River tributary (Rio Napo), and toured the environs by motorized canoe. Watched our new friends harvest papaya, guaba, cacao, yucca, chiles, and herbs the old fashioned way (some of which means shinnying up the tree), tested our skills with a blowgun (Rosie and I both brought home the parrot), checked out the upper stretches of that gigantic rainforest. Wow.

Now in Baños, which is a lot like Telluride (actually Ouray for those familiar) and is quite beautiful. The gnat bites are scabbing over, stomachs settling, clothes drying out, hot springs restorative. All well, home on the bus tomorrow. Pictures soon. P

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John B. said...

Yeah, not in a ditch
here is some info from wiki about Tena


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